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Haze Over Applies Fade Effects On Inactive Windows To Reduce Distraction [Mac]

If you’re doing some project work which compels you to deal with multiple workspaces, it becomes quite a nuisance when you have to move from one app to another to cross-check some references, compare lists, etc. With newly developed Haze Over app, you can pretty much mitigate the loss that multiple active applications may incur over your focus. It is menu bar app for Mac which is responsible to fade underlying (not active) windows, so users can keep their focus straight on current workspace while keeping tab on other windows but with less distraction. As a result, this increases the overall productivity.

It comes without any interface, nor you have to set up configurations. Once downloaded, launch the application. It will sit in menu bar with option to quit the fade out effect. Now when you open multiple application windows, it will fade out all those windows which are not active, making the active window look bright and clear for you.

mac haze over 1

It is very responsive in terms of applying fade effects over windows. We have tested it with 6 applications windows opened on the screen, and experienced fast focus switching speed. Below you can watch a brief demonstration video.

It works on Mac 10.5-10.6

Download Haze Over

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