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Herald – Apple Mail Email Notification Plugin [Mac]

When it comes to mail notifiers that notify about the incoming mail, we have seen plenty of them in Windows. There are some standalone GMail Notifiers, Outlook Notification plugins, etc. But what about Mac?

Herald, unlike other notifiers, is a beautifully coded plugin for the Mac OS X email client called Apple Mail. Apple Mail(which is also called Mail.app) is an email client from Apple that is integrated in every Mac OS X operating system.

herald screens

It is totally customizable. Once installed, you will get a pop-up alert every time a new mail arrives. The best thing about this plugin is that you can perform actions directly from within the notification dialog. Weather you want to View, Delete, Reply, or Mark it as Read, all options are given at the bottom of the notification dialog.

The message window is scrollable which means you can read the email without shifting to Apple Mail. Once read, you can then reply, delete, or perform some other actions. Below are some screenshots showing the General, Appearance, and Mailboxes tabs.

herald options 1

herald options 2 herald options

The screenshots above are taken from developer’s page

According to the developer Mail plugins are not officially supported by Apple, but Herald has been rigorously tested. Did I forget to mention that it groups all emails in a single notification window in order to reduce clutter? You can flip through them easily.

Download Herald

It works on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Enjoy!

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  • corbeille

    I've lost the red circle icon with the # inside.
    I am connected to GMAIL.
    Please advise.

  • Chris

    I'm looking for alarms to continue to sound until the e-mail is acknowledged? Can Herald provide this feature?


  • Richard Pierce

    I just loaded mac os 10.6.4 and that means version 4.3 of mail I think, and it says that herald is no longer compatible. do you have a fix?


  • SheldorTC

    I have the same problem with 10.6.4 and Mail 4.3. We all kindly ask the author of Herald to make some fix.

  • David W.

    Updates for 10.6.4 are available from Author at http://erikhinterbichler.com/software/herald.

    • SheldorTC

      Thank you!

  • thank you so much for this plugin! I have been waiting too long for MailAppetizer to update to Snow Leopard, but don’t have to wait any longer.

  • StevenCinNYC

    Herald is great. I tried GrowlMail, and even though I like Growl, I didn’t like GrowlMail at all. Herald has a much better pop-up window, the toolbar is incredibly useful and well-designed, and the entire operation is smooth and easy.

  • Wm J Palmer Jr

    From the looks of things I will be added to the list of satisfied customers. Thanks for this plugin

  • dis666

    Not clear at all how this works. Can it make notifications even if Mail is not launched? If not, whaza big deal? Mail already has sound notifications.

  • naturalstyles

    Hi. I have os x 10.6.8, I downloaded Herald, and tried to install it. It states it cannot work on my system because it requires 10.8 or newer. Anyone have suggestions? It states it works on 10.6 Snow Leopard, but I cannot get it to install. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!