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Hide All Mac Applications & Finder Windows With A Single Click

Last year, we reviewed HideAllApps, a Mac app that lets you selectively minimize open applications and Finder windows. The app is meant to hide windows that you aren’t working on and apps that might be distracting. Hide All is a similar Mac app that lets you minimize all app and Finder windows with the click. It is meant to quickly clean your desktop of all open windows, so you don’t have minimize them one by one. The app has a simple interface’; four buttons that allow you to minimize all windows, to restore the windows you’ve minimized, and to hide the app itself or quit it.

If you’ve minimized some windows before launching this app, it will restore them. The app only minimizes and restores the windows that were minimized using it. If you launch the app but manually minimize it, this app will not restore it.

Hide All

To minimize all windows, click Hide All Apps. After a brief delay, all windows will be minimized. Click Unhide All Apps to restore the windows you minimized.

Hide All minimize

Regardless of how many instances of Finder you have open or what kind of apps are running, this app will hide all of them. You can hide the app itself by clicking Hide Me or quit it by clicking Turn Me Off. The minimized windows don’t necessarily have to be restored using this app, they can be restored selectively by clicking their respective icon in the Dock. Compared to HideAllApps, this app doesn’t let you chose which windows should be minimized. It can be useful if you want to take a clean screenshot  and quickly want to hide all open windows. Alternatively, it might be a great way to hide open windows at work in case you’re playing Farmville, and the boss happens to walk by your desk.

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