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How To Import Notes From Evernote To The Notes App In macOS

Evernote has made changes to it free, plus, and premium plans. The price of the paid plans has gone up and the features offered on the free plan have been cut back so that you can only have two devices connected to your account. Needless to say that the price hike is likely going to send people looking for an alternative and they will be spoiled for choice. There are a lot of note taking apps available and macOS comes with its own default note taking app as well which, given recent updates, is fairly good. If you’re looking to ditch Evernote in favor of the Notes app in macOS, you will want to take your notes with you. Here’s how you can move your notes from Evernote to the Notes app in macOS.

You must have the Evernote app installed on your Mac. Before you can import the notes, you will have to export them from the Evernote app. Select all the notes you want to export and go to File>Export Note.


The app will ask you to select a name for the file and the format it should be saved to. Select the Evernote XML Format i.e. ENEX. You can choose to leave your Evernote tags behind by unchecking the ‘include tags for each note’ option. It’s a good idea to keep them around though because Notes doesn’t have as many features to keep your notes organized and the tags might be all that you can use to find a particular note.


Next, open the Notes app. You must be running macOS version 10.11.4 or above to import notes. Go to File>Import notes… and select the ENEX file you just exported from Evernote. Your notes will be imported to the Notes app. If you have iCloud sync enabled, the notes will also appear on any iOS device you own.

For Windows users looking to move noes from Evernote to OneNote, there’s a little tool called Evernote to OneNote import tool that does just that.

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