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How To Record Your iPhone Screen On OS X

Recording your iPhone screen isn’t easy unless you have a jailbroken device. Even then you might not get a great recording experience or you might have to buy an app that can record the screen well enough to meet your needs. If you own a Mac though life is simple and you can share your iPhone’s or iPad’s screen or record it with the tools already available on an out-of-the-box Mac. All you really need is the QuickTime Player, a lightning cable, and an iOS device running iOS 8 or above.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac via the lightening cable. Launch the QuickTime Player app. Go to File>New Movie Recording.


Wait for the recorder to open. This is what it looks like. Notice the record button has a little dropdown arrow next to it. Click it.


The dropdown menu lets you choose the source you want to record from. Your iPhone will be listed here. Select it under the ‘Camera’ section as well as under the ‘Microphone’ section if you want to record the audio from your iPhone as well. You will want to select this if you’re recording game play.


When you change the recording source to your iPhone, it will load your iPhone’s screen. Click the red record button to start recording. You can resize the recording window and it won’t have any impact on the quality or resolution of the video.


The screen might look a little grainy but the recording comes out fine. If you don’t want to record volume at all, simply mute it on the player’s toolbar. You can record as long a screen cast as you want with no watermarks whatsoever to worry about.

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