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Record And Store Clipboard Information Smartly [Mac]

If you are someone who uses copy / paste function enormously in Mac, you need an efficient clipboard tool which can help store, record , and manage all clipboard information. Many tools have been made to manage Mac clipboard, yet most of them lack aesthetics. Pasteboard Recorder2 is a small utility that records and stores your clipboard information smartly. It automatically displays the Mac clipboard contents including text, image, and urls on the main interface which lets you select specified entries for re-use. It can record more than 120 entries allowing you to store them in a specified file.

Its usage is fairly simple. Whenever you copy something it gets displayed on the interface indicating current pasteboard. You can search for any pasted content through search facility available on the top of interface. You can convert clipboard (pasteboard) items to plain text any time. To enable / disable auto display of current clipboard content, use ‘AutoRecord’ button. You can remove any selected pasteboard entry or All entries by using appropriate buttons available on the interface.

Hit Customize  to add or remove items from the toolbar.

To sum it up, this tool can be of big help if you have massive clipboard usage.

Testing was done on Mac OS X version 10.6.4 .

Download Pasteboard Recorder2

For Windows, you can check out Clips and Clipboareder Sidebar gadget.

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