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How To Switch Between Recent Apps Using The Touch Bar In macOS

All Macbook Pro models from 2016 onward will come with the new Touch Bar. Regardless how you feel about it, the Touch Bar is the newest hardware improvement to Macbooks. To be fair, it’s apps that will judge if the Touch Bar is useful or not. Developers aren’t shying away from developing apps for the Touch Bar and TouchSwitch is a pretty awesome attempt at just that. It lets you switch between recent apps from the Touch Bar so that you do not need to use the Command + Tab keyboard shortcut.

TouchSwitch works with the right-hand strip of controls on the Touch Bar. This strip can only have one non-system button on it. This non-system button space is taken up by TouchSwitch when you launch it.

Tap the arrow button at the left end of this right-side strip. This will expand the strip and reveal a new button; the App Store button. Tap it and the strip will expand to reveal your recent apps. Tap the app you want switch to.


The app has a minor glitche that may force it out of the coveted space on the Touch Bar. When iTunes and/or Xcode are launched, they might try and take over the space that TouchSwitcher normally occupies. Should you encounter this little hiccup, you will need to quit TouchSwitcher and launch it again.

Arguably, you don’t need TouchSwitcher because you have the Command+Tab shortcut for switching between apps and it works fine. TouchSwitcher just works faster. You don’t have to cycle through your recent apps to get to the one you want to switch to and you can simply touch the app’s icon to switch to it.

TouchSwitcher demonstrates that the Touch Bar isn’t just a gimmick. You can use this new hardware on your Mac to improve how you work. It also shows that for people to get actual use out of the Touch Bar, developers are going to have to develop the right apps for it.

Download TouchSwitcher 

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