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iBoostUp: Clean Junk, View System Crashes & Startup Items And Optimize Mac

In the past, we have featured numerous system repair and performance optimization tools for Mac OS X, including OnyX, Magican, and IceClean, which enable you to check fatal system exceptions, repair errors and, and perform various system cleanup operations over entire system to boost the overall performance. If you’re looking for an automated system optimization and cleanup tool to check system for Disk, Memory, and Network issues, and apply quick fixes, iBoostUp is probably just what you need. iBoostUp isn’t meant to replace your existing system optimization utilities, and it can work in conjunction with other tools without showing any issues. It comes packed with a powerful system cleaner to purge system and applications’ left over superfluous data, and browsers’ temp & cookie files. Moreover, it lets you check disk performance and attempt to fix network and internet connectivity issues. More on iBoost after the break.

iBoostUp enables you to check Firewall settings, and recommends settings that you may want to apply to add another layer to system security. If you’re using a WLAN connection, you can check the internet access speed, and security related issues with the active connection. Additionally, it allows you to change file type associations, view most recent system crashes, and Startup items, and get up-to-date information on installed applications.

The main window lets you perform quick clean operation, which removes unnecessary log files, cache, downloaded files, and Preview’s recent file menu. It’s highly advisable to view the files before removing them from the system; clicking View results shows the files that will be deleted. To clean your system, check the types of files you want to delete, and hit Remove All.

iboostup main 1

The Cookies tab includes option to remove cookie files from all installed browsers. iBoostUp supports Mac OS X native Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. With installed browsers, you will see the number of cookies it found during the scan process. From Disk Health tab, you can check hard disk health, check read and write issues, and verify and repair permissions etc. Clicking Scan and Fix starts checking the current disk health status and apply essential fixes. The Network, Firewall and Wireless tabs allow you to measure the time it takes to access your most frequently visited websites & suggest optimal settings, check the current status of Mac OS X native Firewall and open recommendation to enhance security, and inspect the wireless connections for numerous security risks.

Under System section, you have 4 tabs, namely File Types, Crashes, Startup Items and Check My Apps. The File Types option comes useful when you want to view current file associations, and add default programs for file types. Under Crashes, you can see all the recent system crashes, check error type and applications that caused the crashes.


The Startup Items tab lists down both user and Mac native utilities, which open up at system startup. You can view the selected startup item’s Id, complete path, module/file used for loading, and application bundle.

startup items

The Check My Applications option is added to keep you updated with latest information on installed applications. It checks all the installed applications, and gives you useful information based on iBoostUp community users’ feedbacks.

check apps

iBoostUp is a handy utility to quickly clean junk data from the system, remove system log files, browsers’ cookie files, and view system crashes and exceptions. However, it failed to inspect the system for memory, network, and hard disk related problems. The Firewall and Wireless security check is of no use, as it doesn’t provide sufficient information on how to fix the issues. Moreover, we believe that the ability to show malicious startup scripts and remove startup items would have made the application a lot better. Hopefully, the dev team will incorporate the ability to scan system components (like Memory, Network, Hard disk, Wireless etc) for all types of issues and apply quick fixes in next iteration.

It works on both Mac OS X 10.6 and Mac OS X 10.7

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