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iCal Time-Recording: Calculate Time Needed For An iCal Task [Mac]

iCal is one of the popular default Mac apps; it is widely preferred as a great way to manage tasks, events, reminders and a to-do list. If you use iCal extensively, you might have felt the need to know how much time you are spending on your tasks. Your tasks are distributed among different calendars, and if you ever need to know how much time you need to put aside for a particular task, you will have to check it manually. iCal Time-Recording is a free Mac app that acts much like a plugin for iCal, and calculates the time spent on any one task. The app gives you weekly statistics, and lets you use it to either add tasks, or add and calculate time for tasks added in iCal.

When you first launch the app, it will ask you which calendar you want to use, and will automatically launch iCal. Once you’ve picked the calendar, the app will give you the option to either add a new task or add time to existing tasks.

iCal Time-Recording task

Enter a name for the task if you’re adding a new one. If you chose an existing task, it will ask you for the start and end time.

iCal Time-Recording start  iCal Time-Recording  end event

Once the time has been added, the app will calculate the total time you’ve set aside for that task and close.

iCal Time-Recording total time

The app also calculates the total time spent on tasks (for those tasks that you’ve added start and end time), and lets you view it on a weekly basis.

iCal Time-Recording  weekly stats

If you’re often divided between different calendars and normally misjudge how much time you need for a particular task, this app might just make iCal even more productive for you.

Download iCal Time-Recording For Mac


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