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iMage Tools: Rename, Resize, Watermark, Rotate & Flip Any Image [Mac]

We’ve covered quite a few apps that add effects to an image, but the number of Mac apps that we have covered for resizing and watermarking images are rather few. Apps that rename, resize, flip and watermark images aren’t hard to find; what’s hard is to find one really good app that does this all. iMage Tools is a free Mac app that lets you define a renaming syntax for images, watermark an image in any color and font, resize it, rotate it, flip the image vertically or horizontally and save it to either JPEG, PNG, TIFF or BMP format. The app, additionally, lets you change the image quality of a JPEG image. It lets you apply all these effects to one or multiple images at the same time.

iMage Tools has a drag & drop supported interface, and you can add as many images as you like without having duplicates, since it automatically eliminates them. Use the slider at the bottom right to change the size of the thumbnails you see in the app. The right panel has three sliders; one each for Resize, Rename and Watermark controls. By default, these are greyed out. Slide them to turn them ‘on’ or to activate them.

iMage Tools

To add a watermark, activate the control and type in the text in the input box that opens. You can change the font type, color and size, and underline, bold or italicize the text. Additionally, you can chose where on the image the watermark will appear by selecting coordinates for it, and select the opacity of the watermark from the Opacity slider. To rename a file, select one of four syntax variables available, i.e., name, number, date created and date modified, to rename all files. To rotate or flip an image, select and mouse over it. Controls for flipping and rotating it will appear under the image thumbnail.

iMage Tools rename    iMage Tools rotate

Although the app is free, you can buy additional features through in-app purchase to get more out of it. Think of all these features as the app auditioning for your approval. The developer says it is free for a limited time, but hasn’t mentioned when the offer will expire, or what the price of the app is. Get it for free while you can.

Get iMage Tools From Mac App Store

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