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iTuneUp – Fix Performance Of Slow And Unresponsive Mac In Real Time

If you’re facing some unexpected crashes, program halts and exceptions, with your whole Mac system going completely numb unless you reboot it, you must consider using an optimization and inspection tool to find out root cause of all such issues. iTuneUp is created to address such problems. It is a Mac optimization utility which offers a slew of inspection techniques to not only find and repair system and application crashes but also to boost overall performance as well.

iTuneUp works on a simple principle. It consistently checks different areas of your system to optimize them without requiring your direction. The real-time monitoring also checks currently running applications for errors and attempts to repair them as they happen.

The monitoring system is capable of automatically detecting those applications which are taking more than expected CPU because of some anomaly. It takes actions immediately to curtail its overall system usage. The system report generation process is not similar to other optimization tools, it creates system reports according to feedbacks it received on its community. This gives in-depth view of what is missing and which component is out-dated and shouldn’t be used. Using this info, you can easily calibrate overall performance and speed of your Mac.

To begin, launch the application and enable Realtime monitoring option. Now, simply click Optimize and Repair to let it thoroughly check your system for any performance related issues.


It might take a while to properly check and fix issues which depends on the type of issues you’re dealing with.

ituneup report

The Statistics window shows information regarding the highest CPU usage recorded, application crashes, application taking most of your CPU resources and more.

itune 3

From system menu bar, you can view history runs and bring up its Preferences window to change some general app behaviors.  You can create ignore list for apps which are to be excluded from the monitoring process, view and manage running apps, check all the processes and apps which get loaded on system startup, enable or disable system logs deletion, and assign behavior when any app is not working properly.

itune 4

iTuneUp works on Mac 10.6.6 and higher.

Download iTuneUp

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  1. I really hate to say this but the Mac platform is beginning to mirror the Windows platform with applications such as iTuneUp. It what slows any OS down.

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