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iTweaX: Tweak Hidden Mac OS X Features & Run Maintenance Procedures

Onyx and Deeper are two well known tweakers for OS X. Their main advantage: even a novice can tweak their OS without worrying about going critical mass on a brand new Mac book. For those who think that people messing around with the default settings on a Mac must secretly work for NASA, these apps reveal that they are actually tweaking with hidden (read: built in and totally changeable) Mac features. Similar to those two app is iTweaX, a Mac app that lets you change several default settings on your Mac OS X Lion. The app divides its customization options into three broad categories, i.e., Maintenance (backup scripts), Tweaks (change how the default apps behave) and Cleaning (emptying Caches and logs). A fourth category lets you restore your system from one of the backups that you’ve taken.

When you first launch the app, it will ask to create a backup before you go tweaking your OS. You can choose to skip this step if you regularly backup some other way.

iTweaX backup

Once you’ve created a backup (or not; it is entirely up to you), you’re ready to start tweaking. The Maintenance tab exists solely to keep your Mac healthy and running smooth. It can check the overall health of your system, lets you check preferences, and rebuild the Spotlight and Mail Envelope index. Remember that you might have several apps running, and the tweaks you make might not rest well with all of them.

iTweaX maintainence

Move on to the Tweaks tab, and you will find that it has 8 sub-tabs of it’s own, each for a different Mac app or feature. The Finder tab allows you to tweak the Finder, where you can customize animations, menu options and enable hidden file viewing.

iTweaX tweak finder

The Dock tab lets you customize the appearance of the Dock, manage its effects, and how stacked windows appear. The Safari+Mail tab lets you manage the font size, how long the history is kept and other miscellaneous functions in Safari. It also lets you manage printing options in Mail. The QuickTime and Spotlight tabs allow you to customize the search preferences in Spotlight, and the appearance of QuickTime. The Login tab is for managing system login and logoff settings, such as the Sleep, Restart and Shutdown functions, and more. The System tab lets you change globally applicable settings, like the scroll arrow behavior, tooltip delay, capturing screenshots, menubar color and more. The Misc tab allows you to tweak iTunes, the Dashboard, Terminal, Time Machine and the Helper View.

iTweaX Tweaks system

Move on to the Cleaning tab once you’ve tweaked everything you wanted to from the Tweaks tab. The Cleaning tab has four sub-tabs; System, User, Internet and Logs. Each of these tabs helps you clean one or more components on your system. The System tab helps you refresh your Mac’s cache, while the User tab lets you delete user specific cache files, such as software updates and temporary items. Similarly, the Internet and Logs tabs clean browser history, form values, bookmarks, and all logs generated for your system.

iTweaX cleaning internet

The final tab, Restore, is straight forward, and is meant to restore your system from an existing back up. The app performs functions similar to those in Onyx and Deeper, but the simplicity of the layout might be why some prefer it over other similar apps.

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