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Launcher Speeds Up The Way You Work On Mac [App Launcher]

Most application launchers are developed to quickly initiate system search, launch applications, open files, documents, images, play media files, etc., but Launcher, apart from providing quick system search, lets you speed up the way of performing different tasks. Launcher offers a handy query panel which works on the idea of giving quick access to not only frequently used applications and files but also to terminal commands, web links, arithmetic operations, etc.

You can customize the pre-defined list of applications and web links by defining new aliases to commands, shortcuts, application and files that you use on daily basis. Launcher also contains multi-precision calculator to carry out rationales, numeric bases, arithmetic operations and functions. Additionally, a small yet quick dictionary lookup function has also been incorporated to quickly find out meaning of high frequency words.

Just like previously reviewed Chuck, it sits in system menu bar, allowing you to customize the pre-defined list and to configure general settings.

launcgher 2

By default, the list contains useful web links, such as, Google search, YouTube, Ebay, Yahoo, etc. You can also add a new application, file, web link, by clicking small cross-imaged button present at bottom left corner.

add app

After adding programs, shortcuts, and weblinks, close the Preferences window to launch the query panel. The home screen helps user understand how to run commands, carry out different mathematical functions, and to write and evaluate arithmetic expressions.

query panel

Along with the searched items, it also shows respective word meanings from dictionary while allowing you to open search keyword corresponding items.


Writing mathematical expression is easy. It carries out basic arithmetic operations in real time while letting you view results in other number systems as well.


Launcher works on Mac 10.6.6 or later.

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