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MacDropAny – Link Local Folders In Mac With Dropbox To Sync

MacDropAny is a tiny application which provides the functionality of previously covered DropboxFolderSync for Windows.  It is developed solely for Mac users who need to sync multiple folders without creating links with Dropbox folder manually. MacDropAny allows user to easily create symbolic links with Dropbox folder to keep synchronization process as seamless as it can be. Leaving aside the details, suffice it to say that it’s the best solution for creating links between user-defined local and Dropbox folders in order to perform distraction-free synchronization.

Usage can’t be more easier, just launch the application and choose the folder which you want to sync with one of Dropbox folders. Once specified, click Choose to move to next step.

choose folder 1

Now choose a Dropbox folder which is to be synced with previously specified folder. Once selected, hit Choose.

choose 2

Give the symbolic link an appropriate name and click Make Link to let it begin synchronization.

link 2

Once the link is created, verify the newly created link in defined Dropbox directory.

my photos

It is worth mentioning here that changes in either source or linked folder will be made in both folders, i.e, removing a file from linked Dropbox folder will delete it from source folder and vice versa. MacDropAny works on Mac 10.4 and higher.

Download MacDropAny

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