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List Lite Is A Gesture-Based To-Do List App That Imitates Clear For OS X

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Meet List Lite, a free to-do list Mac app that mimics Clear, which is worth $9.99 on the Mac App Store. The app is a fairly good imitation with some slight interface differences but full gesture support. It responds well to trackpad gestures and runs in the Menu Bar, though it will add an unnecessary icon in the Dock as well (just like Clear). There are no preferences to manage in the app, and you can start adding items immediately. You get a select number of colors to differentiate between the tasks, but unlike Clear – where the color of tasks gets successively lighter (much like a heat map) according to priority – the colors for a task in List Lite stay fixed.

Once installed, click the app’s icon in the Menu bar. You can add a new task by clicking the plus sign in the blue bar on the left, or by clicking a blank area within the app. When adding a new task, you can select a fixed color for it. The color selection isn’t very good; you have a sharp red for important tasks but the other colors are all light, and might even be mistaken for indication of completed tasks. Double-tapping within the app will hide the blue bar.

List Lite works with both controls in the app’s interface and with gestures. When you hold your mouse over a task, buttons to mark it complete, delete it, or add a new task appear. To mark a task as complete via gestures, swipe across it towards the right. To delete a task, swipe across it towards the left.

List Lite add List-Lite-OS-X

Apart from these gestures, you can also reposition tasks by dragging them. To add a task between two existing ones, move the mouse cursor to the dividing line between the two tasks and pinch outward. As mentioned earlier, the app and its gestures work best with a touchpad.

List Lite is an alright app to install if you think you can get the hang of the gestures. It’s free, so there is no harm in giving it a try. If you’re ready to spend money on an app like this, it might be a good idea to go with Clear. List Lite responds reasonably well to gestures, but is sometimes hard to dismiss or call from the Menu Bar.

Install List Lite From Mac App Store

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