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Lock Me Now: Easily Enable Keyboard Shortcut To Lock Your Screen [Mac]

Locking others out of your computer is something that has a certain appeal; whether you’re doing it to protect the highly classified files entrusted to you be the Universal Secret Service, or just to keep your spouse from checking out what you’ve been browsing online, locking your screen when you leave your computer unattended is something we all do. As far as Windows is concerned, this is no big deal, and the very same feature exists on Mac as well. The slight problem with locking your screen on Mac via a keyboard shortcut, is that you are likely to have to go through a long process to get the feature to work. It is entirely doable without an app, but if you aren’t up to the process, Lock Me Now is a free Mac app that adds the feature for you. Details past the break.

Lock system isn’t a function listed in the Apple Logo menu with the Restart, Sleep and Shut Down functions, and you have to enable it from Keychain Access. Regardless or whether you’ve enabled this or not, this app adds a padlock icon to the system menu bar, that you can click and select Lock to lock your system.

Lock Me Now

To set a keyboard shortcut, go to the app’s preferences and record a shortcut by keying in the keyboard combination you want to set. You can forgo having a lock icon in the menu bar by unchecking the Icon on Main Menu option. If you were to enable screen lock via Keychain Access, the system would add an icon to the menu bar, but this app lets you have the same feature with less hassle, and a slightly cleaner Menu Bar.

The app will not allow you to set a keyboard shortcut that interferes or conflicts with a default shortcut or another app.  Option + L worked fine, and might be easy to remember if you’ve ever used the Windows + L functions on a Windows PC.

Get Lock Me Now From Mac App Store


  1. I downloaded this from the Mac App store back in May of 2014. It worked fine while I was on vacation for one week. I haven’t used it since. Now, when I try to use in today (July 2014) it stopped working, the upgrade does not install, and I cannot move the app to trash because it keeps telling me that it is open. Sigh…The “Help” line links you to a website that is totally written in what I think is Russian. What is going on here? How do I get this think off of my computer?

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