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Lock Your Screen: The Mothership Of Screen Lock Apps For Mac [Paid]

We’ve been covering lockscreen apps for Mac a lot this month, and each app that we’ve covered had its own special feature that set it apart. Lock Your Screen is a Mac app worth $3.99 in the Mac app store, and it literally has everything you could possibly want in a lockscreeen app. In addition to adding a clock, a custom background, iTunes controls, and three different ways of setting a password, the app also lets you add a password hint (feature available by default in Windows 7), lock your system via keyboard shortcut and disable the Sleep function. You can draw passwords either freehand or in a nine dot grid, both of which are set using the mouse and no trackpad is required. Additionally, the app will let you dim the screen when the screensaver is enabled, set the app to enable the screensaver if the system has been idle, and define Work, Movie or Presentation modes, so that the app does not mistake the system to be idle when it is not. Impressed? Read on to discover more.

When you first launch the app, you will see a small window with three button that allow you to immediately lock the system, lock it but prevent it from going to sleep, and define the system idle time before the app automatically locks the screen. Click the cog wheel button on this window to go to the app’s preferences and set up a password.

Lock Your Screen

In the General tab in preferences, select whether or not the app will launch at login, if it will lock the screen when it’s launched, and if the screen should be locked when the system goes to sleep. You can modify the default shortcut key, hide the menu bar icon and select how long the system should be idle before the app locks it.

From the Security tab, you can set the password and select what kind of lock method you want to use. The Security tab is further divided into four tabs. The Default Lock tab lets you chose how unlocking is initiated, i.e., by clicking a lock icon, drawing in a grid, drawing between a dot grid, typing the password and sliding the lock or simply typing in your password.

Lock Your Screen lock options

The other three tabs let you set the password, but be warned that it takes time to get the hang of drawing your password accurately. Grid and hand drawn passwords are entered using the mouse.

Lock Your Screen draw password

From the Appearance tab, select an image(s) for the screensaver, select the user information that will appear on the screen, add personalized text and select unlocking animation. From the Clock tab, select what clock style you want on your lockscren (the app will ask to use your current location if you chose a style that supports weather information), Enter your city, select the time format and the weather unit. The Utilities tab enables a photo slideshow, iTunes player, screen shade, unread emails and system sounds.

Lock Your Screen clocks

Once you’ve set the app the way you like it, you can lock your screen using the hotkey or from the menu bar.

Lock Your Screen locked

In the event you can’t figure something out, the app features a very detailed FAQ and Information tab in the preferences that can help you. Considering the number of features in this app, it is well worth the $3.99 price tag.

Get Lock Your Screen From Mac App Store

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