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Lona Converters: Convert Audio/ Video Files One By One Between Several Formats [Mac]

In the Mac world, you will find gorgeous displays and beautiful buttons, making up the pretty side of a Mac. The slightly ugly side is that you will have to pay up some serious cash whenever you need to download even a mildly useful app. The Mac app world is rich in choice, but it costs to buy those apps. This isn’t to say that you can’t find free apps, but they are just a little hard to find. Lonasoft is a developing company that you can thank if you need to convert either audio or video files but would rather do it for free instead of buying an app for it. Lona Music Converter is an audio converter that allows you to convert audio files between 11 different formats. Lona Converter, however, is a video converter that lets you convert videos into 39 different formats. Both apps are free, and convert files one by one. They both have a pro version available as well, which lets you convert files in batches.

The interface of both apps is identical, with controls located at the top, conversion format is picked at the bottom, as is the output file destination. To add a file, click the Add button and add one file. The app analyses the file and tells you when it is ready to start conversion. Click the start button to initiate conversion.

Lona Audio

You can pause or cancel the conversion any time from the buttons at the top. The iTunes feature is available in the Pro version. Follow the exact same process for converting videos. Files will have to be added via the open file dialog, as the app doesn’t support drag & drop.

Lona video

Once conversion is complete, click the folder next to the Browse button and the app will open the location in Finder. You can then access and move your converted file(s) around. The app supports conversion to and from FLV format. While not the best of solutions, for free, Lonasoft’s offerings aren’t a deal breaker in any way.

Get Lona Music Converter From Mac App Store

Get Lona Converter From Mac App Store

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