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Mach Weather Shows Latest Weather Information On Mac Menu Bar

Mach Weather is an app for Mac which resides in system menu bar for showing current weather information along with forecast for 5 next days. The developer has kept configurations to bare minimum, requiring just the zip code of your area to fetch weather information from online resources. Additionally, dynamic satellite view is also provided to view the weather conditions across the globe. The main interface shows some extra useful information which are related with current weather conditions of your area, such as, wind speed and direction, pressure, humidity, dew point, and visibility.

mach weather

The weather information gets updated at regular intervals. After the app is downloaded, it sits in system menu bar. First, you need to open Preferences window to enter zip code of your area. Once entered, it will start fetching weather information and forecast for next 5 days, and other complementary information from online resources.

weather zip code

The current weather temperature is shown on menu bar, whereas, to view forecast, click its icon to view the temperature for coming 5 days, access preferences to change current location, and launch 3D Satellite.


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