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Pasteboard Recorder 3E – Manage Clipboard & Send Clippings to Evernote

Like other desktop OS platforms, Mac OS X is also devoid of options to record and manage clipboard entries. Therefore, users who need to perform extensive copy-paste operations consider using third-party pasteboard managers to hold clipboard entries. The data retrieval method of Clipboard managers’is quite akin to reading data from a data stack where most recent added item is retrieved first and then other items saved in the list can be popped out in top to bottom order. We have previously covered some clipboard managers, including, ClipMorpher and Clipboard History which allow saving only 100 items in stack, so users can retrieve any item by moving it to first place in clipboard stack.

Pasteboard Recorder 3E is an all-in-one pasteboard manager for Mac which can hold up to 600 clipboard items. What makes it better than other clipboard managers is its ability to share clippings with Evernote. The Evernote integration features let you send any clipboard item to Evernote without having to manually do it. In addition to Evernote integration, Pasteboard Recorder 3E includes a comprehensive list of operations that can be performed over clipboard entries. Moreover, the application supports 8 hotkey combinations for different pasteboard specific actions which includes, add into table, upload to Evernote, change to current date and time, convert to plain text, etc.

Aside from managing clipboard items, it lets you enter most frequently used clips in Fixed Snippets section, so they can be easily pasted, by using defined hotkey, in any workspace. It sits in system menu bar, letting you quickly start and stop clipboard recording.  The main interface not only shows list of saved clipboard items but clipboard item type as well. You will for instance get to see image thumbnail when an image is moved to Mac pasteboard.

The main interface displays all Mac pasteboard items with auto-generated hotkey combinations to quickly paste them in any application window. However, the item which you’ve recently moved to pasteboard can be pasted via global hotkey.

pasteboard main

When you copy text/image item to Mac clipboard, it immediately saves the item with type and assigned hotkey in the list. The toolbar holds some basic options to stock, remove selected, remove all, and change PasteBoard and to toggle auto clipboard record option on/off.

If you missed out on configuring Evernote integration after launching the application for the first time, bring up Preferences window from PasteboardRecorder menu in system menu bar and head over Evernote window. First enter authentication details, including username and password and then configure other options, like note uploading interval, image file to convert and image compression factor, and enable/disable Upload Files with Multiple Notes option.

pref 3

Under General settings window, you can assign total number of items to maintain in stack, and toggle Dock icon bounce, Ignore same item to record, throw old contents away automatically options On/Off.

peref 1

The Fixed Snippets section allows entering snippets that you need on regular basis. Enter the name of snippet, snippet main content, and then assign hotkey to quickly paste it in required window.

pref 2

The Hotkey window lets you change the default hotkey combinations for different pasteboard actions. Click the action whose hotkey is to be changed and use the combination to replace it. Before applying settings, make sure that assigned hotkeys combinations don’t come into conflict with other global hotkeys.

peref 4

The main screen comes with two viewing modes standard and compact. To switch to compact mode from default standard mode, click the diagonal arrow imaged button in bottom-left corner. You can access commonly used clipboard actions from its system menu bar menu, upload clippings to Evernote, turn AutoRec On/Off.

Screen Shot 2011-08-15 at 2.58.09 PM

When you click Evernote Panel present on toolbar, it will let you upload selected clippings to Evernote with options to include upload tags and send new items with mark. Similarly, clipping saved on Evernote can also be downloaded from Evernote Panel.

Screen Shot 2011-08-16 at 11.04.15 AM

The embedded video below further demonstrates the usage.

Pasteboard Recorder offers a slew of options to manage your Mac pasteboard items with one brilliant feature send them to Evernote directly. It works on Mac 10.6.6 or higher.

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