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Mobile Mouse Server: Turn Your iPhone Into Mouse & Keyboard For Mac

One of the great things about owning Apple devices is how well they work with each other; not just the native apps, but also, how developers put them to good use. Mobile Mouse Server is a free Mac app that allows you to use your iPhone as a fully functional mouse, keyboard and Touchpad. You will be required to install the iPhone app, which costs $1.99 in the App Store, to connect your phone to your Mac. The app works smoothly, and allows you to program mouse gestures and hotkey functions that you can execute from your phone. More after the break.

By default, the app does not enable any hot key functions. However, it does enable certain programs that you can add specific controls for. The programs are divided into two categories; Web and Media. For Web programs, you may add buttons like Home, Search, Back, Forward, Reload etc, and for Media apps, you can add buttons like Play/Pause, Next, Previous, Menu etc. These buttons are added and defined from your Mac, and appear on your iPhone. Similarly, you can also set up Hotkeys that will perform whatever function you define for them. You can choose to run a script, as well. To keep the connection between your Mac and iPhone secure, you have the option to set a password that must be entered before a connection can be established.

Mobile Mouse Server hotkeys

To connect your Mac and iPhone, launch the iPhone app. It should connect automatically, but if it doesn’t, dismiss the troubleshoot box and click the cog wheel in the top left of the iPhone app. Enter your Mac’s IP address and Port (you can check it from the app’s Server tab). From this same settings menu on the iPhone app, switch to the Options tab and select general mouse functionality.

Mobile Mouse connectMobile Mouse Server options

To control the speed of the mouse, go to the Motion Mouse tab on your Mac and select pointer and acceleration speed. If you choose to use the app as a touchpad, go to the Touchpad tab on your Mac, and adjust the pointer speed and acceleration. Repeat for the Scrollpad tab.

Mobile Mouse motion mouseMobile Mouse Touchpad

When you first launch the app, you will see scroll buttons, an up and down button and a complete keyboard. The area to the left of the buttons functions as the left click, and the right side area functions replicates the right click button. When the keyboard is displayed, you will have to move the mouse cursor by moving the iPhone itself. To use it as normal mouse, dismiss the keyboard by shaking your phone.

Mobile Mouse keyboardMobile Mouse

When you switch between different apps on your Mac with your iPhone, the name of the app that is currently active is displayed on the iPhone’s screen. When a media or web app is active, you will see special buttons when you display the keyboard and click the small dropdown arrow at the right. From this same arrow, you can view and launch apps from the Dock. You can access your Mac’s HDD and view all folders in it, as well.

Mobile Mouse dockMobile Mouse web

For remotely controlling your Mac, this app is, by far, one of the most feature rich there are. Although it will cost you $1.99 to buy the iPhone app, it’s worth every cent you pay. Mobile Mouse works smoothly, has an intuitive interface, and allows you to customize mouse movements to suit your preferences.

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