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Wirelessly Copy Videos Between Macs & iOS Devices With Ease Using MovieShare

Copying files to your iPhone is not as simple as everything Apple makes; it is tied down to iTunes, which means your music, pictures, and videos have to go through it in order to reach your device. iTunes isn’t that bad an app; it just isn’t as user-friendly or light on system resources as it could’ve been. There are times when you wish you could treat your iPhone like a mas storage device or just transfer things to it faster. MovieShare is a free Mac app that not only lets you easily share videos with other Macs, but also has a universal companion iOS app available in the App Store that allows transfer of videos to and from your Mac and any iOS device. The iOS client receives the video files and gives you the option to save them to your iPhone’s camera roll. Both Mac and iOS apps have free versions, though these are ad-supported and have limitations with respect to the file formats you can share. Upgrading the apps to their full variants removes ads and allows you to convert unsupported formats before transfer. Files are transferred over Wi-Fi, so both devices involved need to be connected to the same network.

Install and run the MovieShare client on your Mac and whichever device you want to send videos to. We tested with the iPhone client.

The Mac app will show you all other devices on the same Wi-Fi network running the MovieShare client. Drag & drop a movie onto a device and it will begin the transfer immediately. You can only send one file at a time. Note that the free version will only let you send MP4 and M4A files.


The iOS client doesn’t ask for permission to accept the file; it will automatically start receiving the file sent from your Mac. Once the transfer is complete, tap the file to reveal action, play and delete buttons. The action button lets you share the file to other devices or save it to your camera roll. Files can be shared between Macs, between iOS devices, or between iOS devices and Macs.

MovieShare recieving MovieShare save to camera roll

Apart from the limitation on the formats, the free version of the app is excellent and perfectly usable. The apps are lighter and easier to use than syncing via iTunes, though the lack of any authentication method for accepting files could be considered a drawback.

Download MovieShare From Mac App Store

Download MovieShare For iOS

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