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NotesTab: Elegant Note Taking App That Sits In The Mac Menu Bar

A note taking app is never hard to find, but finding one that you love and can start using instantly is a little tough. Many people might just forgo using a note taking app because they don’t like it and go with a simple feature deprived text editor. For those that have yet to find a note taking app with an appealing interface, NotesTab is Mac app with an elegant interface and is free for a limited time. The app sits in the menu bar and doesn’t have to be launched each time you want to create a note. It supports keyboard shortcut (Control + N) to open its dashboard, and quickly lets you add a new note. You can edit the shortcut key to suit your preference  and keep the app visible at all times hide it when another window is active.

When you first launch the app, you will see a search bar above an otherwise blank window. A cog wheel at the top left of this window lets you view the settings, and the plus sign at top right lets you add a new note. Notes can be marked as favorites by clicking the star, which are then listed above normal notes and given better visibility. The notes are entered as simple text with no formatting options or title fields, and can be shared via email when you click the share button at the bottom of a note. To delete a note, click the garbage bin button. The search bar at the top lets you search for a particular note. Since the notes have no titles, the search is done for matching text.


From the app’s settings, you can set the app to launch at login (if you declined to do so when you first launched the app). When you use the app, you will notice that, by default, if you click elsewhere the notes window disappears. To keep the window from disappearing, or to keep it on top of all other app windows, check the Keep visible as background app option and the Keep above other apps option. The app supports autocorrect, but you can turn it off from the settings, and also change the shortcut that will open the app window.

NotesTab settings

You will find similar apps like this as far as functionality is concerned – in fact, you might find ones that offer more features – but this app has a really nice interface, it is simple and the flow mimics what you would have on an iPhone app. It might just be suitable for you if you haven’t found the right note taking app yet.

Get NotesTab From Mac App Store


  1. Wish I could print from within NotesTab. But it works to use Share, probably increase font size, and then print the emailwithout first sending it. 

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