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Numi: Solve Word Problems & Keep Track Of Your Calculations [Mac]

Every OS comes with a a calculator, at least Mac, Windows and Ubuntu do. The Mac calculator app is definitely more feature rich than the one you find in Windows, but simply converting numbers from one base to another, or finding some exponential value isn’t always enough. For those who perform lengthy calculations that are simply arithmetic functions but all related to each other, and when you often find you lose track of what you just calculated or forget the last result, Numi is a free Mac app that not only performs simple arithmetic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentage calculations), but allows room for text as well. What it does is let you solve problems like they were word problems. It ignores the text, and reads the numbers and mathematical operands.

Launch the app, read the instructions if you like, and delete them. You can always revisit them online by clicking the app’s documentation option. The app lets you enter problems and simple text as well, to help you remember what a particular calculation is for. Each calculation must begin with a new line; otherwise, it will be coupled with the previous one to give an aggregate result. If you begin a line with a number or mathematical symbol, the app will read it as a mathematical operation and calculate the results. If you begin a line with a text character, the app will recognize it as text, make it bold and read none of the numbers in that line.


The best part of this app is that you can copy and paste your calculations, free of all formatting, and share them via email or chat messenger. For particularly long calculations (like the one above), where it is difficult to remember the last results or what that result was for, this app works wonders. In addition to supporting basic mathematic functions, it will let you calculate the percentage of a value and the value of a percentage for a certain figure. It has a single auto sum function that lets you total all calculations in multiple rows by hitting Command + =. Our testing showed that the app did not respond to the shortcut if the ‘=’ key on the number pad was used, but responded perfectly if the one next to the backspace key was used.

If you’re wondering why you would use this app instead of the default one in OS X, bear in mind that its utility lies in remember figures and operations that have been performed. It isn’t for complex calculations, but rather for remembering really long ones.

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[via Lifehacker]


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