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PhotoTime: Add Over 30 Live Effects To Images Taken With Webcam [Mac]

You’ve no doubt come across a lot of web apps that let you add color effects to your images. Some will also let you connect with your webcam and apply the effects live but often the quality is low or the apps are not very responsive. PhotoTime is a free Mac app that lets you add over 30 different effects and lets you combine two or three of them in a single image. The app uses your system’s webcam and previews the effects live. Some effects can be customized using mouse movements. In addition to the usual sepia, black & white and Kaleidoscope effects, the effects include Rainbow, Pencil, Tunnel, Line overlay, Pixelate and Edges effect. The app has a delay timer that you can customize and also an on-screen flash that you can set to any color your like.

The app’s interface is simple and does not require you to set up your camera. It will automatically detect any webcams connected to the system and start streaming from it. To select an effect, use the options at the bottom (they will read Effects by default and mean that no effect has been selected). When an effect that you can modify with your mouse is selected, Move the mouse appears next to the effect and moving your mouse over the canvas lets you select the origin or focal point of the effect. To combine multiple effects, go to the Effects menu and select a combination of how many panes the image should be split into, the surface texture of the image, the color and one additional effect from the rest. Click the red camera button to take a picture. If you’ve set a delay, the delay bar will appear on the app window and slowly shrink to show remaining time until the image is snapped.


To edit the delay time, go to the app’s preferences and move the slider to select a time in seconds. To disable the time delay feature, uncheck the Snapshot with delay option. To select a color for the flash (on screen flash), click the color box and choose from the palette. Uncheck Flash to disable the feature.

PhotoTime preferences

All images you take appear in the panel on the left. To delete an image, select it and click the minus sign. To scroll through the images, use your mouse or the up/down arrows at the bottom of the panel.

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