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PopShot Is A Mac Menu Bar Screenshot Tool With Direct Exporting To Any App

PopShot is a Mac app that lets you set up conditions for a screenshot before you take it. The app lets you choose the file format, select whether the whole screen, a particular area, or a window is to be captured, and choose what the output will be i.e. a file saved to a pre-selected location, the URL of the file uploaded to PopShot, or the image opened in your app of choice. You can also set it to apply a label to the file. PopShot will remember the settings for the previous screenshot that you took, and let you quickly take another one with those same settings using a keyboard shortcut.

The app is available on a pay-what-you-want basis but if you don’t feel like paying for it, you can share it on Facebook or Twitter to download it for free. Just enter a zero in the text box next to the “Pay what you want and download” button before clicking it, and you will be given the sharing options for the free download.

PopShot runs in the Menu Bar. Click the icon to set up how the screenshot will be taken and how the output will be saved. By default, the output file is set to save in JPG format, on your desktop, with the default name PopShot. Click the JPG button to reveal the other three formats that PopShot can save to (PNG, TIFF, and PDF) in order to switch to one of them. Enter a custom name for your screenshot, and if you like for the output file to have a color label, click the ‘Label’ button to choose one. Under ‘Method’, select whether you want to capture a selected area (Crop), a particular window, or the entire screen. Click ‘Shoot’ when you’re ready to take the screenshot.

popShot popShot label

The options under ‘Output’ will be reflected in the text shown at the bottom. When ‘File’ is selected as the output, you will be able to select the location for saving the file. When ‘URL’ is selected, you will be able to access the list of previous URLs that files have been uploaded to, clear the list, or copy all the URLs to the clipboard. Lastly, with ‘App’ selected, you can pick which app the image will open in once you’ve taken the screenshot.

The cog wheel button lets you set PopShot to start when you log in, and have it capture a window’s shadow with the screenshot. Hotkeys can also be enabled/disabled from the menu.

popShot settings

PopShot offers two hotkeys: Command+Shift+1 will capture a screenshot with the same settings as the previous one and you won’t have to go through the menu again, and Command+Shift+2 will open PopShot’s popup in the Menu Bar. As per our tests, the apps was rather slow to respond to the Command+Shift+1 command. It slowed the system down to the point that the beach ball appeared. Other than that, there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with the app. It’s excellent for taking screenshots that you will easily be able to organize and search for at any time. There is no indication of how long a screenshot uploaded to PopShot will be kept before it is removed.

Download PopShot For Mac

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