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iLock Prevents Unauthorized Access To Apps On Your Mac, Is In Beta

There are those who prefer limiting access to their systems for various reasons; some for security, some for privacy, while others simply because they can. This pursuit of selective security has bred apps like AppLocker for Windows, and numerous apps for Android. There is even a built in security feature in Mac’s Disk Utility that allows you to turn your folders into .dmg files accessible only through password. Following that inclination, iLock addresses some issues faced by those in need for security in that it attempts to create a foolproof system. The app is in beta and the beta version expires soon after so many of you will be waiting on the app to come out of beta before you can use it long term. Here’s how the app fared during our tests. 

iLock - Icon

iLock is still in beta stages; there is no word on what price tag it will come with when the app goes gold, but it is most definitely off to a decent start. Upon launching the app, you are prompted to set a password, which will automatically lock the Activity Monitor, System Preferences, Console and Terminal. You can remove these auto locks if you want, but allowing uninterrupted access to the above just makes the whole locking process an exercise in futility as they can potentially be used to bypass any locks.

iLock - Warning  iLock - PreConfig

The security is sound, there is no way to actually access a secure app without the password, the app takes it a step further by letting you configure it such that the password window closes after 5 seconds. If your system goes in sleep mode, all of the secure apps can auto close and if someone attempts to gain unauthorized access to your secured apps with an incorrect password, your camera can take their picture. These are reassuring measures to say the least. Then, there is a log that keeps track of which session was initiated at what time. Moreover, one cannot shut the app down without the password either. That is some good coverage, truth be told.

iLock - Locked

Though in our tests, we discovered that folders can still ‘open package contents’ without interruption. For the average user, this does not pose a credible enough threat to security. However, if you know what you are doing, this could provide access to locked apps. Another option that one feels might be missing, is individual file lock. These could possibly be addressed in future builds, but we can only speculate about the future.

iLock - Log iLock - Access Limit

iLock is unique and effective. Even for those who are not too concerned about app locks can stand to benefit from the sense of security this app provides. Not to mention, it doesn’t get all up in your grill about password strengths, it accepts what you give it and it takes care of the rest. All this, in a simple beta release, with upcoming improvements and the eventual gold release, this is definitely an app you want to keep a tab on.

Download iLock Beta version here

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