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Prevent Your Mac From Going To Sleep With Caffeine

Often it attempts with everyone that our Mac will suddenly go to sleep or start a screensaver when we’d left it unattended for the set time period. Most of the times, this happens when a user is installing some software, or waiting for a download to complete, or such similar scenarios that require patience on the user’s part. Having the system go to sleep at this time can be real annoyance. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Caffeine is a lightweight utility that sits in the upper right corner of your Mac’s menu bar and when active, prevents the system from going to bed. When you run the downloaded file for the first time, it will put the Caffeine icon in the menu bar and present the preferences dialog.

Caffeine (1)

You can choose to have the tool start automatically with your system. To indicate that the software is up and running, the coffee cup in the menu bar gets filled. Clicking it again will empty the mug (hence deactivate the software).

Caffeine (2)

Download Caffeine

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