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Print-it-Easy: Quickly Print Text Snippets Without Saving Them [Mac]

Have you ever needed to print text super quick? Text like an address to paste on a package or perhaps a phone number, the name of a book, reference to a journal? Basically, anything that you need to print but will be as likely to use again as you are to watch Twilight. If you’re viewing the information in your web browser and you have an extension on hand that allows you to selectively print text snippets, you’re good to go, but in the event that you’re reading it is as PDF or your extension just decided not to work, you will have to copy, paste and save that snippet to a text editor and then print it. Print-it-Easy is a free Mac app that lets you print snippets. It isn’t a text editor; rather, its sole purpose is to get you printing any text as fast as possible.

Launch the app and copy the text you want to print. Paste it in the app window and click the Print It button.


The print dialog will open, asking you to select the printer, paper size and the number of copies you want to print. You can see a preview of the page that will be printed and change the layout as well. Click Print and the text you entered will be printed. While the app doesn’t let you edit the text, it does let you change the font. To change font and other text attributes, click Font and select an alternative font.

The app will not help you setup your printer, nor is it meant to be an all purpose printing aid. It works solely in itself and does not integrate with other text readers or editors. You will always have to copy and paste text into the app window to print it. Sadly, the app doesn’t support printing images, or it would have been an excellent way of quickly printing QR codes.

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