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PSRenamer: Rename Files According To User-Defined Rules [Mac]

File renaming utilities come particularly useful in situations where one needs to replace one specific sequence of text string in file title with another or append characters at the start/end of the file name. PSRenamer is a powerful, java-based application to rename files in bulk. What makes it unique from previously covered applications for Mac OS X including NameChanger and PowerRenamer, is its ability to rename file extensions with more options and assign a series of sequentially numbered file names. You can perform file rename-related actions such as Replace, Replace Chars, Insert Before/After based on Begins With, Contains. Ends With and Equals conditions.

PSRenamer comes with a process simulator, which lets you view files that will be affected during the file renaming process. It helps you decide whether to rename the files based on specified criteria or not. To rename files, launch the application, click Set folder to select the files you wish to rename.

psrenamer main

Once selected, enter the keywords you want to replace, Case, New Value and then Action that is to be performed over the files. From Case, you can choose Begins With, Contains, Ends With and File Extensions. It lets you replace the keywords, replace specified characters, insert the new keyword before/after the defined keyword or just find the files which match with specified case from Actions drop-down menu. For instance, if you choose Do Nothing from Actions after selecting Begins With, it will list down the files whose titles begin with specified characters.

psrenamer cropped

The Preview button at the top shows the files that will be renamed during the process. This makes it easy to make required changes to Cases and Actions to get desired results. After simulating the process, click Rename to rename the files in a folder according to defined criteria. PSRenamer works on all Mac OS X versions, including the latest Mac OS X Lion.

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