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Quick Note Is Lightweight Alternative To Stickies That Syncs [Mac]

Stickies is simple note taking app that comes pre-installed with your Mac. The main reason for using this app, if any, is perhaps that it is already there. It doesn’t sync with iCloud and doesn’t let you conveniently browse through all notes that you’ve added. Quick Note is a free Mac app from Diigo that lets you sync notes using its service. You can add as many notes as you like, store them locally, view and switch through multiple notes from the same window and search them by their title. The app has spell check, grammar check and autocorrect built in and supports cut, copy and paste functions.

Launch the app and rename the first note by selecting the default title and typing in something else. Remember that the app searches notes by title and cannot search a note’s content. Whatever name you enter, make sure it makes sense. To add another note, click the plus sign in the top right corner. A new note will be added automatically. To browse other notes, click the list like icon in the top right and a panel will open on the left listing all notes by their titles. The search bar can be found on this panel.

Quick Note

The app marks the creation date for each note and you can see how recently a note was created. The app has autocorrect and spell check built-in but you can disable it from the General tab in the app’s preferences. To select where the notes are saved to, i.e. on your local drive or synced to the cloud via Diigo, open the Default Folder dropdown menu and select either Mac or Diigo.

Quick Note general preferences

To change the font, visit the Font tab in the app’s preferences; You can select a separate font for the title and a separate one for the text. To set up sync with your Diigo account, go to the Sync tab and sign in.

Quick Note font

The developers have promised to add more cloud services for syncing notes in future releases; coupled with the note title and search feature and this is a pretty good app for taking notes.

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