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QuitsAppsMBI – Close All Applications And Relaunch Them With One Click

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Do you use the classic way to close multiple active applications on your Mac, i.e Ctrl + Tab followed by Ctrl+Q? If you hate taking these steps every time you have huge pile of applications and workspaces opened in front of you, QuitsAppsMBI offers a smart solution for this very problem. It’s an application for Mac that sits in system menu bar, allowing you to not only quit all the opened applications but lets you restore them later with a single click. This comes quite handy in situations where you’re dealing with multiple applications and want to close them all in quick succession. QuitsAppsMBI stores the list of applications you open in order to quit them and restore them without having to launch each set of applications manually.

Apart from menu bar. You can also keep it in system dock to quit selected or all applications. It puts a Mac Applications like icon in menu bar, which when clicked lets you quit all or only selected apps.

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When you close an application through QuitAppsMBI, Relaunch option gets activated, letting you open the most recent program again. However, you can use the Relaunch button to launch all the programs after clicking Quit All Apps.


QuitAppsMBi comes without any configuration console. Nevertheless, it would’ve come more useful if it had an option to close user-defined applications and workspaces. It runs on Mac 10.6.6 or higher.

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