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QuoteFix: Mail Plugin To Start Reply At The End Of Message Thread [Mac]

Apple’s Mail app is one of the top desktop email clients available for Mac. While some people prefer to use Thunderbird or Sparrow, the default app is still very popular. Although feature rich, it does have the occasional quirks. Gmail users know that when replying to a message from the web interface, the reply window is opened such that your reply will be typed below the message received. Apple Mail places the reply above it. Changing this is simple, just move your cursor below the initial email and then start typing. For an automated solution, QuoteFix is a free plugin for Apple Mail on Mac that automatically repositions the cursor so that the reply is typed below the original message.

Before you can use the plugin, make sure that plugins are enabled. Use the following commands in Terminal to enable them:

defaults write com.apple.mail EnableBundles -bool true
defaults write com.apple.mail BundleCompatibilityVersion 3

Before installing the plugin, make sure signatures are disabled in Mail (you can enable them once the plugin has been installed). Download and extract the plugin and paste it to Library/Mail/Bundle. You will need to enable viewing hidden files, as the Library folder is hidden. Paste the extracted file in the folder and restart Mail. You will see an option in the app’s menu telling you the plugin is now enabled.

QuoteFix enabled

Go to Mail’s preferences, and you will find a new QuoteFix tab. Click it and customize the preferences available for this plugin. You can choose to reposition the cursor at the bottom of the message when replying to a single person, or to all recipients, and when forwarding an email. Additionally, the plugin will remove trailing white space and keep you from inserting your signature multiple times in the same email thread.


The plugin solves a somewhat trivial issue with Mail. It is highly possible that not everyone prefers to type a reply below a message, but for those that do, the solution is simple and has a few additional features to boast.

Download QuoteFix For Mac

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