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QVIVO Media Center Comes To Mac, Better Than Windows Counterpart

If you like to try out new media centers with novel and interesting features for organizing media collection, you must’ve stumbled across QVIVO, a brilliant media organizer which capitalizes more on social media components to easily manage and share media collection (movies, music albums, and T.V shows) with your family and friends. Back in March, we covered QVIVO for Windows because it wasn’t available for either Mac or Linux. Just today, QVIVO dev team has notified us about freshly released Mac version. Comparing Mac alpha release with Windows version, it is far more responsive, quick in listing down watched folders, can detect and play movies with all the variations, and importantly doesn’t lag while playing audio and video files and switching between different interface sections. In a nutshell, QVIVO for Mac is better than its Windows counterpart.

The procedure to set it up is quite similar to how you did it in Windows. After you’ve created QVIVO account, launch it up to view all the available media categories – Movies, TV shows, Music, and Channels. First off, you need to move to Watch Folders section via Settings to specify all the TV shows, movies and music collection folders.

Once specified, it will take some time to completely render the list, which depends on the volume of media collection you’ve specified. After all the the media files get listed, move to home screen to access your media.

Unlike QVIVO Alpha for Windows, the Mac version flawlessly plays videos. The video player offers simple playback and navigation controls with a facility to directly share the currently playing video with your Facebook friends. Moreover, you will get to see complete information regarding the selected movie, including, Synopsis, Director, Release Date, Running time, Cast, etc.

Our experience with Windows version wasn’t that good and we did face some media file search related problems, but Mac version is efficient in searching media collection by tags and keywords and shows result without any delay.

As of now, Channels are not available. Both Mac and Windows versions will soon be updated with some more features whilst Linux users have to wait a bit more to get their hands on QVIVO.

Download QVIVO for Mac

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