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Rate iTunes Songs From Menu Bar [Mac]

If you use iTunes, there are good chances you rate your songs as you listen in order to make a preferred playlist. By default, iTunes comes with a directory called Smart Playlists which automatically creates playlist based on your chosen criteria. But, what if you want to see a song’s rating before it is changed? In other words if you would like to see unrated songs in the library, you got to have a ‘Rater” that may just as well let you do that!

I Love Stars is a tiny little app that sites in the menu bar and allows you to rate songs as they play in iTunes.


If you go out hunting, you’ll find tones of iTunes controllers and regardless of where they sit, they all offer some sort of functionality for rating iTune songs.

This app is different because it doesn’t do anything but rating, that’s the only thing it does and is good at that. Now for some it is nothing short of a disappointment! It has no control features so you can’t use it to switch to another playlist or browse your music library. The best thing about it though is you can rate that song without leaving what you’re doing. Just one click in the Menu Bar and that’s it. If you’re content with the playback controllers but want an easier way to rate songs then this app is for you.

It is iTunes 9 compatible & supports sudden termination in Mac OS X.

Download I Love Stars

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