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Recent Menu: View Recently Used Files From Any Folder In Mac [Paid]

Spotlight is an excellent Mac feature; you can search for any type of file saved to any location simply by typing the name in the search bar. It is a pretty good fail safe, as long as you recall the file name. Imagine having to find a file that you just accessed, and being clueless as to where it was saved and having forgotten its name. You might have several versions of a file saved at different locations, or you might just want to get to your recently used files or apps. Recent Menu is a Mac app worth $0.99 in the Mac App Store that allows you to access recently used items, folders, apps, PDFs, movies, images, code, or all recently accessed files. The app lets you choose which items it should keep track of, and lets you add any folder to the app’s monitoring list. You can toggle the app menu via a customizable keyboard shortcut.

Launch the app and pick which items or folders you want it to index. Go to the Filter tab in the app’s preferences. You will see a few folders and item types that have already been indexed, but are inactive. To activate them, check the Show In Menu option. Select how many recent items it should display from the Display drop-down. For the items entered by default, they will be accompanied by a search string that enables the app to identify files or apps to track and open. You can add to the string and have more than one search string apply to that particular folder. Use the plus sign to add a new folder.

Recent Menu preferences

The app adds a inverted U-arrow to the menu bar, which you can use to view a complete list of recent items that the app has tracked. Clicking an items opens it.

Recent Menu

If you often work on multiple files at once, but are prone to not saving them with proper names, forgetting where you saved a file or just don’t want to go through an entire search, this app will help you get to your recent items with a single click.

Get Recent Menu From Mac App Store

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