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Globally Record Whatever Audio Your Mac Is Playing Without A Mic

Have you ever needed a quick audio extraction tool? Something that will allow you to extract sound from a documentary and maybe use it in a presentation? If you’re using a Mac and aren’t in the mood to pay up for an expensive app, give WavTap a try. It is the simplest of Menu Bar utilities that allows you to record the audio output of your Mac. You can start and stop recordings with a simple keyboard shortcut and cut down the length of the recording to save only the last few seconds of it. As far as recording apps go, WavTap is ridiculously simple to use but also low on features. It does not make use of the mic on your Mac, which is why you won’t have to worry about any external noise in the recording.

WavTap adds a sound wave like button to the Menu Bar. You can start / stop a recording by right clicking the button and choosing ‘Start Recording’ or ‘Stop Recording’ or, you can toggle it on / off with the Shift+Command+Space bar keyboard shortcut.

WavTap WavTap stop

The output file is saved in WAV format but it isn’t clear how it is named. From the look of it, it appears to just be a bunch of random numbers that will make no sense to the ordinary user. Each output file has the 00:01 time added to the end of it regardless of the length of the recording. Output files are saved to your desktop.

The app is open source and still under development which is good since there is plenty of room for improvement here. Regarding the working of the app, it records the output but the volume and overall quality is noticeable downgraded. There isn’t any noise in the recording but the volume is cut by almost half in terms of loudness. This, being a functionality issue, should be addressed first.

Feature wise, the very least thing the developer should consider adding is a way to change where the output file is saved. More advanced features would include perhaps the freedom to save to another format or stop recording after a specific interval instead of just saving the last few seconds of a recording. Lastly, the file name syntax can also stand some improvement or, the app could ask the user to manually enter a name for the file before recording begins.

WavTap is obviously still in its infancy stage and there is considerably harsh criticism here for such a simple app. Nevertheless, with the addition of these and perhaps some other features, this app could easily give some of the similar paid apps out there a little competition.

Download WavTap For Mac

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