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Reeder Is One Of The Best Google Reader Apps For Mac

Reeder is a free RSS reader for Mac which is somewhat quite akin to previously reviewed Espresso Reader in terms of both usage pattern and features. The developer has kept configurations to bare minimum in order to set it up quickly. The main interface is laid wide across the screen with two panels for navigating through subscribed feeds and articles from selected website while main interface shows the complete story. Being a simple RSS reader, it takes nothing more than to sign-in with Google Reader credentials to populate the feeds list. With Reeder, one can switch between multiple accounts, change default reading behaviors and gestures, customize syncing options, and configure integrated services including, Twitter, Instapaper, Google Mobilizer, and so on.

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For the first time usage, it will ask you to enter Google Reader username and password for importing feeds list. It maintains the very same folder hierarchy as set up in your Google Reader account. After the feeds list is downloaded, you can start sifting through  the latest articles and stories from left side. At the bottom, you will find the search bar along with options to mark all as read and open source link.

Setting up preferences are not compulsory at all, but users who want to tweak syncing options can bring up Settings window from menubar. Under General tab, you can change Unread count badge and enable auto-updating. You can set up time for syncing feeds list at defined intervals from Syncing tab. From Reading tab, you can change Font family and set feeds pre-loading options.


We didn’t experience any lags in syncing feeds list with Google Reader. The application is in beta phase, therefore, you might encounter some bugs. You can also have a look at an Adobe Air based RSS feed ticker called Snackr to quickly read subscribed web content. Reeder was tested on Mac 10.6

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