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ReFind: A Bookmarking App For Your Frequently-Accessed Folders [Mac]

App launchers aren’t uncommon for Mac, and many of these will allow you to mark folders as favorites for faster access. For the most part, these apps carry a price tag, and their free versions are often limited. Many simpler solutions exist; you can create and add a folder to the Dock and add aliases (shortcuts) for your favorite folders to it. The end result is a quick launch folder for all your favorite directories. The process is rather long, takes up space in the Dock, and is mostly manual. ReFind is a free Mac app that lives in the Menu Bar and allows you to bookmark folders that you frequently visit. Provided you access folders through the app’s folder browser (which works entirely in the Menu Bar), the app learns which folders you access the most on its own. If you feel ReFind is cluttering the Most Popular category with too many folders, you can Bookmark a folder and access it from the app’s bookmarks.

ReFind adds a binocular icon to the Menu Bar that opens a window for accessing your folders and the app’s preferences. You will see three categories at the left of this window: Most Popular, Bookmarked, and Hard Drive. The Most Popular category will populate over time, and folders that you bookmark using the Command+B hotkey will appear in Bookmarked. The Hard Drive category allows you access to everything in your Mac storage. To bookmark a folder, you have to open it from the Hard Drive category and then hit the shortcut.


To view other shortcuts that the app supports, click the Quick Help button. To open a folder, make sure it is selected and hit the Enter key. Using the shortcuts listed, you can copy the path of a folder, open it in Terminal, move to the root or copy an item to the clipboard.

ReFind help

ReFind can be activated via a hotkey Control+F. The hotkey can be edited as per your own liking. By default, you will notice that the Show Only Folders option in the General tab is checked. Unchecking the option will allow you to view the files in a folder as well. You will not be able to bookmarks files and they will not be indexed under the Most Popular category. To purge the Most Popular  category, visit the History tab and click Clear History.

ReFind general      ReFind history

The app’s interface is reasonable, in that it gets the task done, but isn’t what you’d call very eye-catching. The best thing about the app, apart from its bookmarking feature, is that you can open items by hitting the Enter key, something that is instinctive behavior for users but is not supported in OS X.

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