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Remember Is Distraction Free Todo List Manager For Mac

One thing you must consider before choosing a task management software is that organizing tasks or creating a list of to dos through chosen tool should never become a task itself. Remember is one such tool which was developed keeping simplicity in mind. It is a small distraction-free to do list manager which requires nothing more than listing down the tasks to manage them. It comes utterly useful in situations when you’re working on a project in which tasks are to be performed in a some defined order. Being a non-obtrusive tool, you can keep it at your fingertips over menubar to quickly enter new tasks or mark existing ones as completed.

The interface is kept simple to keep focus on tasks to be performed. As far as features are concerned, it provides some basic features which are sufficient to streamline all the listed tasks.

dev 3

From list button (see screenshot below), you can bring up options to show/hide Flattened Hierarchy, completed tasks and wrap names of tasks. Here, tasks can be marked as completed, due, and labeled as per your likings.

sort 2

It also allows registering hotkey combination to quickly create and mark tasks as completed. From Preferences, along with assigning hotkeys, you can enable different tasks entering behaviors, such as, batch input while editing, insert/remove date from task name, etc. It works on Mac 10.6.

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  • piminnowcheez

    Soooo… what happened to the link, then? Fireballed? Er… what would we call it here… Tippered?

    • Looks like the developer’s server is down. Check again later.

  • tinat412

    is there a version for the os x 10.5?