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retickr RSS Feed Ticker Gets Interface Overhaul & Day Filter [Mac]

Last year in August, we reviewed retickr, a free Mac app that lets you keep up with your RSS and Social media feed. Less than a year later, a new version of the app is out with an excellent, redesigned interface, complete its very own feed viewer and a day filter to limit the news items that you see. While previously reticker supported viewing an item when you hovered over it, now the app opens a news piece in its own browser. It has retained all of its previous features; connecting Facebook and Twitter accounts, sharing on social media and importing your feed from Google Reader.

If you signed up for reticker when we last reviewed it, you can get cracking on the new version right away. If this is the first time you’re trying the app out, you will need to sign up for a free account first. The interface overhaul can be summed up as improved tab integration with bigger and better buttons, without affecting the app’s flow. The ticker bar at the top houses three control buttons that allow you to view the feeds you’ve added, and items that you have bookmarked. You can pause an RSS feed and play another one from the list, and change the speed of the ticker as well as apply a day filter to eliminate news that is too old.

retickr day filter

To edit your reticker settings, click the Home button and go to the Settings tab, where you’ll need to select Account or Social to manage your accounts. When you click a news item, it opens in a full viewer (which is a bit slow) with buttons for bookmarking, sharing and viewing the news item in your browser located at the top. Since this viewer is separate from your browser, you will see ads that are normally featured on the site you’re visiting.

retickr viewer

Like in the previous version, the ticker bar can be docked to either side of the screen or just dragged around with the mouse. The app has keyboard shortcuts for speeding up the news ticker or slowing it down, and for changing its position. As per the developers, back-end improvements will mean you see more relevant items in your feeds.

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