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Right Zoom Mimics Windows’ Maximize Button Behavior In Mac

OS X is a great operating system, and Apple is very particular about how things should be done. It isn’t very likely to change a feature or function to mimic how other operating systems work. For those of you who once used a Windows PC and later switched to a Mac, or continue to use both, you will undoubtedly have noticed the unconventional behavior of the maximize/zoom button in OS X. This green button that you will find on all types of windows in Mac, when clicked, maximizes a window such that the content is visible at its original size. It does not maximize the window so that it fills all available space on the screen, as the sme button in Windows does. Right Zoom is a free Mac app that allows you to change this behavior of the green traffic light button, and mimic the maximize function in Windows. The app lets you choose which app windows the change will effect, and once you’ve set the new behavior of the zoom button, you can exit the app.

Download, install and launch Right Zoom, and configure it. Visit the General tab first, check the Activate Right Zoom option and then proceed to select the how you want the zoom button to work. If you select the Maximize only when option, followed by one of the buttons available in the dropdown, you will have to first hold down that key and then left click the button to maximize it to fill the whole screen. If you select the Use hotkey to maximize windows option, you will only have to click the zoom button and it will maximize. This behavior is closest to that of the maximize button in Windows. Finally, the Use hotkey only (do not change Zoom button behaviour) confines the maximize function to the hotkey. Only when the hotkey is pressed will the window maximize. If you click the zoom button otherwise, it will continue to exhibit the default Mac behavior.

Right Zoom

Switch to the Applications tab to select which apps the zoom button’s behavior will change for. You will see two options, and you can use any of them to restrict or enable the new behavior for apps. The Use Right Zoom in the following applications only: option lets you selectively add which apps the change will be applied to, while the Enable Right Zoom in all applications, but not in Exclusions option will enable the new behavior for ALL apps that you have installed, except the ones you add to this list. Use the plus/minus buttons at the right of each option to add/remove apps, respectively.

Right Zoom  apps

Once you’ve got everything set up, click Apply and then Close. The app will exit and changes will take effect immediately. To disable and return to the default behavior, you need only to launch the app again and uncheck the Activate Right Zoom option.

Download Right Zoom For Mac

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