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Run Terminal Commands Over Files In Current Directory With DTerm [Mac]

Many users don’t like launching Mac OS X Terminal just to run some commands because it often disrupts the workflow. One workaround is to keep Mac OS X Terminal always open to quickly run commands on currently used files and folders. DTerm is a small application that provides a better solution. It adds context-sensitive command line bar which is accessible through user-defined hotkey combination. With DTerm, you no longer need to navigate to current working directory in order to run certain commands over applications, files or other items in current directory. DTerm automatically sets itself to working directory, which saves the time involved in manually navigating to current location in Terminal. Moreover, it comes packed with some useful features, like, sending the selected files to command line, copying the command results, browsing through your command history and results.

The application runs from system dock. After installation, click its icon in dock to set hotkey combination and preferences. In settings window, you can hide its dock icon and auto-deactivate if already it’s already running in background.The Results section refers to setting up the output console. It lets you change font, color, enable/disable text antialiasing, and define number of results you want to keep between activations.

dterm preferences 1

After setting up configurations, close the Preferences window. Now when you use the specified hotkey combination, it will instantly show Terminal visor like command line bar underneath the system menu bar. You can use the command line bar over any application window and send the selected list of items to its command input field. Since it’s context sensitive command line bar, you wont need to navigate to current working directory; you can use Insert Selected Items option or pre-defined hotkey combination to send items to command line. The Settings menu allows executing command in both DTerm and Terminal.

dterm command bar 1

DTerm maintains history of commands executed through DTerm option (accessible from Settings icon menu). If you want to quickly run any previous command, use the navigation controls, select the required command and hit Enter key.


DTerm works on Mac OS X 10.6.6 and later.

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