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Save Your Clipboard Items Online With ClipCloud [Mac]

Clipboard managers having stack for holding unlimited clipboard items are generally preferred over those which offer management for only limited number clipboard items. Even if you’re using a clipboard manager which allows you to hold as many items as you want, you can’t access them after a system reboot session and if there isn’t any native option to save all the clippings, you have to manually save them prior to shutting down or rebooting the system. ClipCloud prevents users from losing their clipboard items. It’s a Mac menu bar application that acts as a clipboard buffer instead of manager to temporarily store your clipboard items. The worth noting part is that it syncs your clipboard items saved in Temp buffer with its server, enabling you to access them from anywhere. Once you sign up with the service, it gives you direct web access to your clippings.

ClipbCloud offers two working modes – Work Locally and Sync Your Account. These modes can be activated anytime you want. If you’re working in Work Locally mode, you can use ClipCloud as a clipboard manager for holding clipboard items, whereas the online mode lets you securely sync your clippings with online server.

clipcloud 2

After you launch the application, it will sit in menu bar. Just click its icon to reveal and use any clipboard item saved in the list.

clipboard 1

The Sync Your Account option first requires you to sign up. It takes only your email and password info to create your online clipping account. When you want to sync your clipping, click Sync Your Account to begin the synchronization process.

The ClipCloud web UI not only allows you to view the saved clippings but lets you add new text based notes as well.

synced 4

ClipCloud works on Mac 10.6.2 – Mac Lion

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