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Scrapbook: Clipboard Manager That Remembers Copied Items Even After System Restart [Mac]

We’ve covered quite a few clipboard managers in the past, each with its own special feature to set it apart from the rest. Scrapbook is yet another free clipboard manager for Mac that lets you copy and paste text, files and folders from your Mac and text from apps, for pasting anywhere. The app uses Bonjour to connect and send snippets to other Macs on the same network. What’s particularly unique about this app is that, unlike other clipboard managers that are erased when you restart your system, Scrapbook remembers the items you copied. Additionally, the app allows you to categorize your clipped items into folders, which makes it an effective way of keeping links and text organized for future reference.

The app adds a clipboard icon to the menu bar; you can access your clipped items and the app’s preferences from it. Before you start using the app, open the preferences and configure it.

In the Scrapbook tab, you will find three tabs; General, Clipping Data and Options. From the General tab, select if you want the app to start at login, enable Growl support and select the appearance and position of the app’s icon. From the Clipping Data tab, you can stop the app from copying files and images to its clipboard. The Options tab lets you chose the number of items that should appear in the Menu Bar when you right-click the icon, the maximum number of items it should save at a time (up to 900). It is a good idea to check the Click on menubar icon opens the Scrapbook window option, as it will open all items in a separate window, making it easier to sort, filter and use them.

Scrapbook general preferences

From the Filter tab, you can add filters or scripts and run them on any item. From the Bonjour tab, you can set up sharing with other devices, the limit for the number of items that can be sent at a given time, and a password to protect the items you share. The items you clip can be locked, and if you want to enable sending them over Bonjour, you will have to select the Send locked Clips option.

Scrapbook bojour

From the Hotkeys tab, you can enable hotkeys for copying and pasting items, preventing the computer from sleeping, and erasing formatting from text and activating or deactivating the app.

Once you’ve set the app’s preferences, you can start copying items. To view copied items, click the icon in the Menu Bar and a window will open. Click the item you want to copy and paste it wherever you want. The window is divided into two parts; the top part lists all the copied items, and the bottom one, all the folders. To add  a folder, right-click in the folder area and select Options > Folder. Drag & drop items on to a folder. To delete a folder, select it and hit the Delete key. To lock an item, right-click it in this same window and select the Lock option. To run a filter, select Filter and chose one from those listed.

Scrapbook Folder

The app really is extraordinary, and the ability to remember copied items even after you restart your system, only adds to its usability.

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