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Screensaver +: Add iPhone Lockscreen Like Screensaver To Mac [Paid]

CRT monitors are getting rare, and even if they stick around for a few more years, the technology itself has improved. Back when it was still new, we used screensavers to avoid phosphor burn-in. Today, screensavers are little more than a way of putting animated cuteness on our screens when we’re away. Screensaver + is a Mac app that costs $1.99, and gives you a more functional screensaver. It mimics the iPhone lockscreen and lets you view which network you’re connected to, the day and date, time and battery status of your Mac. Where the iPhone lockscreen lets you unlock your phone by sliding your finger across it, this app adds a button that you can click to unlock your Mac. You can choose any image to display as the screensaver, and impose a size limit on the images that can be used.

The app adds an icon to both the menu bar and the Dock, both of which can be disabled from the app’s preferences. The network is displayed in the top left corner and the battery/power status is displayed in the top right corner. The time is displayed at the center, with the day and date just below it. When you click anywhere on the screen or press the Esc key, the click button appears at the bottom. You can click it to exit the screensaver.


From the Screensaver tab in the app’s preferences, check to make sure the app has enabled the screensaver and select the delay time before it starts. The app might conflict with the system’s screensaver; to avoid that, click the System Screen Saver button. This will open the screensaver settings in Mac System Preferences. Make sure the Start Screen Saver slider is set to Never if the app hasn’t automatically changed it. If you are using two displays, select the For two screens option. Disable the app icon in the Dock and/or menu bar if you like, and set the app to start automatically when you log in.

Screensaver    screensaver

To select the clock style, the visit the Clock tab in the app’s preferences. You can enable the traditional flip clock style here which will allow you to view the day and date.

Screensaver   clock

To select images for the screensaver, go to the Images tab and click the Select Screensaver Images button. You can navigate to any folder and chose one or several images as your screensaver. If you have images of several different sizes, move the slider on Minimum Image Size back or forth to restrict the app from displaying images smaller than that size. Choose how the images will fill the screen, i.e., stretched, aspect fill or aspect fit. Select how long each mage will be displayed and by moving the Change Image slider.

Screensaver   images

As opposed to the system screensaver, this app gives you a slightly more functional one to fill your screen when you are away from your system. If you’re using a Mac book, the battery status might be something you would always like on your screen; coupled with the date and network feature, this app earns its worth. If you’re an Apple fan or just plain in love with your iPhone, this app is a great way of getting a screensaver on your Mac that resembles the iPhone lockscreen.

Get Screensaver + From Mac App Store

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