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SearchInFiles: Search Text Within Files By Line Number & Context On Mac [Paid]

Spotlight search in Mac is plain amazing. Even if you advocate actively for Windows PCs and insist that the Start Search is possibly one of the best features to have come to Windows, you will still be blown with the search results from Spotlight. While it is amazing and all, it does have a few limitations, or, as some might say, slight complications. The file type search isn’t as conspicuous as it should be, and the iFileX utility reviewed earlier was one way to make it easier. SearchInFiles is a Mac app that is free for a very limited time (just a few hours), which lets you search text within files and display the results by line number. The app works with TXT, RTF, HTM, CSS, XML, C, M and Java files. PDF files are not supported.

The app’s interface consists of a file or directory input field, and you can search a particular file or an entire folder. Remember that the app will only search the supported file types within a folder. Use the Choose button to browse to the file/directory location. Type in the text you want to search for in the search field, and decide if the search should be case sensitive and an exact match from the options listed below. To view how the results are shown, i.e., with line numbers and with context, check the relevant options. When you’ve set your preferences, click Start.


The app has the limitation that you will need to add files to it yourself; it isn’t a universal search for your Mac HDD where you simply enter text and it searches all supported files on your system. While it does have this inconvenience, it can still help you search code files or even simple text files that you might not have taken the time to name properly. It is ideal for one of those situations where you think, ‘I know it’s in one of theses files’. As mentioned before, this app is free for just a few hours, so hurry and grab a copy.

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  • Enrico De Michele

    The application also works with pdf (but does not specify the line number). You can search the entire hd but the working time may be very high.