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Selectively Add Or Remove Colors In An Image With Color Splash Pro

Almost a year ago, we reviewed a very famous app called Color Splash Smart that allowed you to selectively color parts of a photograph. It’s a great effect to add to your photos when you want to highlight a particular subject or region in it. Unfortunately, Color Splash Smart is no longer free and if you are looking for a free alternative for it, give Color Splash Pro a shot. It’s a free Mac app that does pretty much the same thing as Color Splash Smart. While it has fewer features in terms of the extra stuff like crop and resize tools, you can easily find all those in several other free apps so that shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s find out more about Color Splash Pro after the jump.

Color Splash Pro works in two modes: color, and black & white. The color mode lets you selectively color an image, whereas the black & white mode lets you selectively make parts of the picture grayscale.

To open images, you can drag & drop them from your desktop or use the button at the bottom left. Oddly enough, the app won’t let you drag & drop an image from a Finder window.

Once you’ve added an image, select whether it should be in color or black & white mode to start with. To do this, use the buttons below the brush size slider. You have three tools to work with: an ellipse tool, a rectangle tool, and a brush for freehand use. The brush size can be changed using the slider. Before you start using either of the tools, make sure to select whether you want it to add color, or remove it.

Color Splash Pro

You can select the mode from the color and black & white disc buttons at the top. Next to it are the pan and preview tools. Since the app is only meant for coloring and removing color, there is no eraser tool, and you will have to alternate between the color and black & white mode to undo any changes by applying or removing color from those areas again. Simply click and drag your tool across the part of the image you want to colorize or decolorize.

In the bottom section, there are tools for rotating the image, zooming in or out, viewing the before and after images side-by-side, and saving the final image. The image can be saved in PNG, JPG, or TIFF format. The quality of the JPG can be customized. Despite the app being free, no watermark is added to the final image, which is a great thing.

Color Splash Pro works well at what it does, offering excellent quality for the output images. If you missed downloading Color Splash Smart while it was still free, you should give this app a try.

Download Color Splash Pro From Mac App Store

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