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Send Copied Text Between iOS & OS X Over iCloud With CloudClip

Clipboard on our computers are among those things that we just know are there, use them without any second thought. Keeping in mind how much convenience we get out of the clipboard, imagine the utility you would get from a cloud clipboard in today’s world where most of us use multiple devices. CloudClip is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store with a free iOS companion app that gives you just that – a clipboard on the cloud, using iCloud to let you send your copied text between your iOS device and your Mac. Since the app uses iCloud, you won’t have to sign up for any other service; with the apps installed and iCloud enabled on all your devices, you need only copy text and it will sync between them.

CloudClip runs in the Menu Bar on OS X and as a normal app on your iOS device. Both apps let you save up to 15 text snippets to the cloud clipboard. As far as the initial setup is concerned, just make sure you have iCloud turned on, and everything will be done automatically upon installing the apps.

Text is copied to the Mac app whenever you copy anything to the system clipboard via the Command+C, or the copy option in the right-click context menu. The copied text is listed in the menu, along with any text that’s been copied on your iOS device. Clicking any one of the snippets will copy it to your clipboard. For links, you have the additional option to open them directly or just to copy them. The snippets update automatically with any newly copied items.


Things are slightly different in the iOS app; you have to visit the app each time you copy text, or it will not be added to CloudClip’s clipboard. Tapping and holding on a snippet offers additional options, allowing you to copy it to your clipboard, or paste it into a message or mail body. For links, you get the additional option to open them in Safari by default, though CloudClip supports Google Chrome for the purpose as well; you just have to select it from the app’s settings.

CloudClip for iOS

There isn’t a shortage of apps the will let you send text between your iOS device and Mac but what we particularly like about CloudClip is its reliance on iCloud, rather than any additional service. However, the CloudClip is not entirely without fault. What’s lacking is a way to get the app to manually sync new text. This is a problem that persists across both the iOS and the OS X apps; the apps appear to have defined intervals for checking for new copied text but when you want the text to be sent/received ASAP, this wait can get frustrating at times. The sync delay is very noticeable on the Mac app, though not so much on the iOS app.

The app is pretty good and a manual sync option can make it close to perfect. It’s a new app though, and we hope the feature will be added soon.

Download CloudClip From Mac App Store

Downlaod CloudClip For iOS

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