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Send Files & Text Between Mac & iOS Devices With Copybin

Sharing data between two different types of Apple devices is laborious and cumbersome anyway you put it. Granted, Airdrop has considerably improved the experience in some situations, but that luxury evades a large portion of Mac and iOS users. Similarly, services like iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive have provided some relief, but even these solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Which makes a great case for Copybin, a cross platform synchronization app that lets you transfer almost any file seamlessly between Mac and iOS in the blink of an eye.

Copybin - Icon

Copybin has not been designed with a focus on style or to impress anyone with their visuals; a few minutes with this app and you can see exactly why none of that even matters. Because with Copybin, you can transfer almost any video (play using VLC on iOS), audio, text and documents.

Copybin - Sent From Mac

This app works if all your devices are connected to the same Wireless network. You will need to have the app installed on both platforms (Mac + iOS). Once installed, launch the app, that is the end of your involvement in the configuration, it will handle the rest itself.

If you are transferring content from an iOS device, launch the app and there will be an indicator in the upper left corner, telling you which devices are connected to you right now. On the main screen you can see any and all previously shared files (the free version allows only 15 actions at a time). You can select a file here and tap the forward button to transfer the post to the other running version of Copybin, they will be instantly downloaded (Downloads folder on Mac).

Copybin - Item Sent

The process is almost the same for the Mac, just click on the Copybin icon and drag anything you want to transfer into the box and it will be transferred instantly. In fact, if you copy any body of text, it will automatically transfer to Copybin linked devices, which you can forward as text to any supported app, this is great for transferring rapidly over Whatsapp, Social media, SMS, you name it. It even goes as far as to determine if the copied text is a URL or not.

There are other synchronization solutions available to users as well, but there has yet to be one that offers such a complete range of features, if the 15 action limit seems insufficient, an economical $0.99 purchase will unlock the full version with no action limit and no ads. If cross platform synchronization is a priority for you, then we highly recommend giving Copybin a try.

Download Copybin for Mac here

Download Copybin for iOS here

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